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LONG-THAI STEEL INDUSTRIALS owns world-class and top-notch equipments matching with outstanding and professional team; we are the best guardian of your business development.


Taiwan’s first tube laser cutter with the largest cutting pipe caliber Ø400mm, a large-scale 6M 2D laser cutter processing, we will help you achieve your creativity.


We provide fast delivery, meet
custom-made diversity and provide
multi-functional and quality services with high added values in order to assist you to create successful results.


With advanced technology and process, professional and effective management as well as reduction in materials and costs, we pay undivided attention everywhere just to make you feel at ease and be assured.

Tube Laser Cutting Machine (3D Tube Laser)
Taiwan's first tube laser cutter, with maximum laser cutting pipe caliber of Ø400mm
Maximum length of 8000MM
Largest tube caliber of Ø406MM
Largest structural steel 300MM
Can process steel with all kinds of shapes, such as round tube, oval tube, square tube, angle bar, H-shaped steel, etc.
Main structure of public arts, mechanical structures,
sports equipments,
medical devices,
exterior walls of buildings
Honesty Innovation Excellence Contribution
Ultimate Craft Aesthetics, Excellence leads the future
LONG-THAI STEEL INDUSTRIALS CO., LTD. founded in June 1976, the beginning fore only four members, rented 38 level ground factory place, devoted the steel and iron peripheral honest to try hard together, to promote the industrial upgrading, increased the equipment unceasingly, by specialty team and mature technical, strict quality request, establishment good corporate image.
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2014-8-26 Welcome your participation in LONG-THAI ...
We value each of our employee, we attach importance in cultivating professional skills and provide a happy working environment for our employee to develop ...
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About Long-Tai
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ADD: No.51, Lane 54, Sec. 1, Ming-Sheng N. Rd., Kuishan Hsian, Taoyuan, Taiwan
TEL: (03) 325-0395
FAX: (03) 326-1975~6
E-mail: longthai@ms26.hinet.net
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